Server Infrastructure

Servers & Systems

With the increasing need to manage larger, more complex data sets and analytics workloads. Sophisticated machine learning and deep learning opportunities, accelerated infrastructure is essential

Converged System

This is the grouping of multiple components into a single, optimized computing package.Components of a converged infrastructure may include servers, data storage devices, networking equipment, and software for IT infrastructure management, automation, and orchestration.

This may be implemented to achieve centralize the management of IT resources

Hyper Scale Servers

These are designed to provide a single, massively scalable computer architecture. This is an ideal scaling model for subscriber driven organizations because they can grow the data center at the same pace as they add customers When nodes are added, the hyper-scale software, in most cases, will then re-position or auto-balance workloads to the newly added nodes. Some hyper-scale clustering software will allow for certain workloads to obtain resource priority