Data Storage & Management

The Trends

Frolgate Technology’s focus is on storage networking technology such as the SAN (storage area network) and storage virtualization technology which enables storage to be virtually consolidated on multiple storage devices in a storage network (virtual consolidation of devices).

In this way, a corporate IT system administrator sees fewer storage devices to be managed, which can reduce the cost of managing storage equipment. We classify storage virtualization technology into four schemes according to the form of implementation. We introduced into our markets enterprise storage that adopts high-performance, high-availability storage-based virtualization technology with proven functions from the existing product vendors which include Netapp, IBM, HPE, DELLEMC, Nutanix and many more.

Storage consolidation can be expected to expand from virtual consolidation of devices within a single site to “wide area device consolidation” that can uniformly manage devices across multiple sites. We plan to continue our efforts in tiered storage management that manages consolidated devices according to their individual characteristics. In this area we have shown great skill ad expertise in our markets and our customers can have peace of mind knowing their businesses are in safer hands.