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Exceed Customer Expectations: Build Lifetime Value

The journey begins with an objective and then aligning the business to achieve the broad cooperate objective. For profit-making businesses, keeping a customer buying from them for a longer time guarantees customer lifetime value. Where to from here…


Customer Experience & Contact Centre

Exceed Customer Expectations. Build a Lifetime Value.

Our open, Omnichannel contact center solutions support your entire customer engagement strategy so you can deliver exceptional, personalized customer experiences every day.

Social media. SMS. Web chat. Voice. Mobile apps. They’re all now essential stops on the customer experience journey. Each offers a new way for customers to interact with your brand. But each adds one more venue where a poor experience can diminish customer lifetime value—and push them into the arms of your competition.

Customer Experience & Contact Centre

Let Frolgate Mobile help you achieve a 360° view of your customers. Understand their histories. Anticipate their needs. And deliver personalized, exceptional experiences across every channel.

Start Building a Better Customer Experience – Contact Centers

No matter where you are in your journey to deliver extraordinary customer experiences—or where you want to go—Frolgate Mobile can help.

Your customers expect personalized, exceptional experiences—every time they interact with your company, over every channel. Our comprehensive omnichannel solutions, gives you a 360° view of your customers to boost satisfaction and drive lifetime loyalty.

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Customer Experience & Contact Centre

As your customers interact with you in more ways, the stakes have never been higher. Voice, email, web chat, SMS, social: all offer new opportunities to leave your customers in the warm glow of amazing service or seething with frustration.

Let Frolgate contact centers connect every piece of your customer experience strategy within a unified solution.

Maintain a 360° view of your customers wherever, whenever, however they connect. Empower agents to manage all channels through a single, unified workspace. Capture actionable insights to deliver more personalized experiences and build lifetime loyalty.

Customer Experience & Contact Centre

Creating an Ideal Customer CX Environment with Contact Centers

  1. The Right Channel
  • Deliver Consistent, personalized customer experiences across all your business digital channels and devices
  1. The Right Time
  • automatically equip agents with productive, context-aware analytics-driven intelligence for each customer interaction
  1. Omni-Channel Contact Center – The Right Context
  • Visualize the complete Omni-Channel journey from the customer’s perspective; where they have been, how they got there; how you can best help them right now
  1. Omni Channel Contact Center – the Right Resource
  • Get it right the first time by efficiently and automatically matching customers to the right agent with the right knowledge

Customer Experience & Contact Centre

Ways to Leverage communication for a successful contact center adoption

Help your employees embrace their communication tools
Make advanced communications tools available everywhere and embed them into everyday applications and workflows. Training employees and providing support helps ensure adoption. Real benefits come when people are using the tools consistently and effectively.

Connect all the touchpoints in your customer’s digital journey
Your staff is operating efficiently. Now expand communications options for customers as well. Success internally can be the inspiration and groundwork for creating a digitally-based customer experience.

Make sure the human touch is still evident in your customer service
Keep the human touch central to your customer interactions. Customers love automation, but only as far as the technology is an enabler and not an obstacle to connecting with a live specialist.

Integrate your back office with your front office
Maximize satisfaction by weaving back-end service delivery into customer communications. Use technology to connect internal and external processes and eliminate service silos.

Embed communications into your processes and apps
Embedding communications in your company-wide workflows makes information and collaboration more accessible and available, so you can make better, faster decisions and be proactive in meeting customer needs.